Anna Strezynska

President of the board of MC2Solutions company, former Mistister of Digitization of the Republic of Poland.

France Meets Poland: Eric Chahi!

Éric Chahi started programming on Oric Atmos and Amstrad during 1983 for the company Loriciels. He then utilized his talents on platforms such as Atari ST and Amiga with games such as Jeanne d’Arc and Voyage au centre de la Terre published by Chip. In 1989 Éric Chahi quit Chip to join Delphine Software International to work on the graphics for Future Wars, a game designed by Paul Cuisset. Chahi then developed Another World (released in 1991) almost entirely on his own, from the story to the box cover; later it received much critical acclaim for its atmosphere and minimalism.

France Meets Poland: Paul Cuisset!

Paul Cuisset was the lead designer of Delphine Software International and the creator of Flashback, which was listed in the Guinness World Records as the best-selling French game of all time.

France Meets Poland: Fred Raynal!

French video game designer and programmer, notable for his game developments in Infogrames, Adeline Software International and No Cliché. He is married to Yaël Barroz, a fellow game designer, with whom he has two children. He is best known for Alone in the Dark, a game that established many conventions of the survival horror genre. Raynal also has a cult following for his Little Big Adventure series.

This year we will be guesting once again Jon „Jops” Hare


Founder of Sensible Software, man who is responsible for almost half of the Amiga’s top ten of all time, for example Cannon Fodder, Sensible Soccer or Mega-lo-Mania. During this years Pixel Heaven there will be held Sociable Soccer World Cup 2018. For sure he won’t miss the performance during afterparty, together with PRESS PLAY ON TAPE.

Do you remember SABOTEUR? Yes, please welcome Clive Townsend!

Creator of the great SABOTEUR! game, released in 1985 for ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Amstrad platforms.

Jim Bagley

One of the most celebrated ZX Spectrum developers, Jim is the coder behind classics such as Cabal and Midnight Resistance among many others. He also holds a Guinness World Record for cramming Dragons Lair into a ZX81. He is also involved in ZX Spectrum Next project.

Tom Putzki, founder of Piranha Bytes, Wargaming spokesman

Veteran in the games industry with a track record of more than 50 games from casual games to full price blockbuster. Tom began his career at the German developer Greenwood Entertainment and founded his first own company PIRANHA BYTES, developer of the GOTHIC-series, in 1997. Since 7 years Tom is with Wargaming, the publisher and developer of worldwide blockbuster ‘World of Tanks’ and is based in Berlin. His role is Wargaming European Spokesperson. Tom was honoured in 2017 to be introduced into both German Dev Days Hall of Fame and German Developer Awards Hall of Fame.

Trevor Dickinson, founder at A-EON

Trevor is a huge fan of Commodore and Amiga and the owner of a company that develops the AmigaOS operating system and introduces modern computers under the Amiga brand to the market.

Francois Lionet

French programmer, best known for having written STOS BASIC on the Atari ST and AMOS BASIC on the Amiga (along with Constantin Sotiropoulos). He has also written several games on these platforms. In 1994, he founded Clickteam with Yves Lamoureux, producing the Klik series of games-creation tools, including Multimedia Fusion.

David John Pleasance

Former director of Commodore UK – the only branch of Commodore, which brought income at the time of the company’s collapse. Active in the Amiga environment for many years, he visits many events related to this platform. Currently, one of the people behind the development of FriendOS – a cloud-based operating system, referring largely to AmigaOS. Author of the book “Commodore: The Inside Story”, whose premiere is fast approaching.

Tomasz Knapik

Legendary Polish movie lector, a staff member of first Polish TV programme ESCAPE dedicated to the video games.

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I am a happy owner of ZX Spectrum+ with Kempston interface and green Neptun 156 screen. See you at Pixel Heaven 2016.